Tips to Become a Firefighter


If you want to be in a firefighting career, you have to be aware that it is a very competitive field. There may be a brigade recruitment for this kind of job but there’s only a few positions available. Here are some tips to help you and make you one step higher than your competitors.

  • A firefighter’s job does not only focus on putting off the fire alone but they also perform first aid on the injured victims of fire, that is why an EMT training will be of great help for you. A firefighter who is also an Emergency Medical Technician is what the community needs.
  • You have to be vigilant if there is any hiring on this field such as an airport firefighter by doing your own research. There are a lot of aspiring firefighters just like you and it is important that you do not get left behind. If there’s a firefighter training that is going to be conducted in your area or any other places that is accessible for you, don’t hesitate to take that opportunity. The advantage of doing your own research will also help you to gather the important requirement that is needed for the hiring.
  • Being a firefighter also means that you have to be open for the ideas of working away from home. It is always nice to work in your town but if the positions in the local fire department are already taken, then you should consider applying for other fire stations. You should not limit yourself in searching for jobs in the neighboring towns. It is important that you learn to compromise especially if you are a newbie in this field of work.
  • Everybody starts at the lower rank in any field of work. If you have just started in the firefighting job, applying for positions that has a lower pay grade level will give you more jobs to apply to.
  • Wildland firefighting may be seasonal but they will definitely give great working experience for novice firefighters. They will be a lot of hiring in this job during summer since wildfire will be more common in this season. The good thing about this job is that they hire experienced and novice firefighters, through this you can learn from your superiors giving you more knowledge on the job.
  • A good working experience will give you an advantage if you are going to apply in a firefighting position. You might want to consider volunteering in your local fire station to give you a great work experience. After all, you will benefit from your hard work if you are going to apply for a vacant position.
  • There are other types of firefighting career that you might want to consider such as the navy, army, air force or even an airport firefighter. But first, you have to acquire a lot of experience that’s why start with your local fire department first.